Become an OM Trio Rep

Wanna be part of the OM Trio team?  The Rep Team is an invaluable part of the band.  Promoting for shows all across the country when we’re on the road is tough – but the Reps help make it happen.  Your help gets more people at the shows, which translates into more energy, better venues, and better music.

  “Uh… like, cool… How does it work?”

1) You sign up (see below).
2) When the band is coming to your area, we’ll contact all the local Reps asking who wants to help promote for the upcoming show.
3) You email us back enthusiastically.  You are overcome with excitement about our return to [insert your town here] and would love to be a part of the show’s success.
4) We mail you flyers and/or posters for the upcoming show.
5) You put up the posters and hand out the flyers.  Click here for more about this.
6) Because of your help, the show sells out in three minutes and there’s a line around the block.  You feel like a pimp/pimpette because your name is on our guest list so you get in free.


 “Er… What do I get out of it?”

1) Free admission to the show.
2) Giveaways (live discs, stickers, PEZ dispensers, etc.) – will be included when we send you promo materials, starting with the second show you help promote.
3) Special Rep-only offers such as merch discounts, Rep contests, tropical vacations, etc.
4) And most of all, the satisfaction of knowing you’ve help spread the word about one helluva kick-ass band.

  Sign Up

To sign up, send an email to with “Rep” in the subject line.  Please include your first and last name, email address, and the city and state you live in, birthday and a witty anecdote.


· Always have a smile and try your best to engage people in conversation.  Putting up posters is advertising for the masses, but handing out flyers is much more one-on-one communication.  Try to make people laugh somehow and maybe ask them if they have ever heard of OM Trio.  Or, you can ask them if they even want the flyer.  If someone doesn’t look interested, don’t force the band on them.  Move on and look for a more open-minded individual.
· Go to other shows in your area which are before the OM Trio show.  So, if you are helping promote an OM Trio show in Syracuse and MMW is playing one week before, try your best to get to that show and spread the OM Trio love.  It is best to hit people with hand-outs OUTSIDE the venue unless the show you are at is at the same venue that OM Trio will be playing at.  So, try and give stuff out as people are leaving or entering.  Usually, giving out flyers as people exit is standard.  SEE BELOW.
· Try to put small stacks of hand-outs at cash registers in stores.  Asking the person behind the counter is important for this one too.

            When flyering at a show’s exit, your goal is to make people WANT to take a flyer.  If people think a flyer is worth taking, they’ll read it.  If not, they’ll either walk away without taking one, or they’ll throw it on the ground without reading it.  There are some simple ways to make people want to read your flyers.


            It has been scientifically proven that smiles are contagious, and it’s also been proven that smiling makes people feel better.  If you give off good “vibes” as people walk towards you, they will probably smile back and will be more receptive to a flyer.  It works.


            People will ask you questions about the show.  You should be able to answer their questions intelligently.  They will appreciate your helpfulness, and of course answering their questions will make them more likely to go to the show.  We will try to get you all the info about the show ahead of time.

            Some of the most common questions:

What type of music is it?

What venue is it?

Is it 21+?

Who’s the opening band?

What day of the week is the show?

How do you get to the venue?

How much are tickets?

How can I get advance tickets?


            As people come out of the show, ask them if they had a good time.  Make small talk and find out what music they like because it may relate somehow to the show you’re promoting.  The stronger the personal connection you make, the more likely they are to pay attention to your recommendation.


            Offer people the flyer but don’t stick it in their face.


            If you’re flyering at a show with an older crowd, saying “Hey dude, this show is gonna be, like, the sickest shit ever, man!” won’t make them want to take a flyer.  But that may work with a young crowd.