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November 1, 2004....Glide Magazine review "OM Trio: Moe's Alley Santa Cruz, CA"
October 25, review: "OM Trio Stretch Out in Oregon"
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March 27, 2004....Homegrown Music Network review "OM Trio @ Cat's Cradle" 
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August 24, 2003....Washington Post review: "GLOBALPOSITIONINGRECORD"
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March 31, 2003....Glide Magazine review: "Global Positioning Record"
March 25, review: "Global Positioning Record"
March 6, 2003....Jambase Interview: "The OM Trio Open Up"
November 15, review: "OM Trio vs. Harry Potter | Hollywood."
September 27, review: "OM Trio: A Dedication to Hurricane Isadore."
July review: "High Sierra Music Festival 2002"
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March 20, "New Groove of the Month"
March 9, Las Vegas concert  review
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June 25, 2001....
SF Bay Guardian "Best Jazz Band"