November 29, 2016

For Immediate Release:

OM Trio to release 2-DVD set of archival concert performance footage on December 9, 2016

Though inactive for over a decade, San Francisco-based electric jazz-rock group OM Trio has plundered its own video vaults and will release almost eight hours of “elevator music for headbangers” across two DVDs, entitled Pummeling Angle. Improvisational explorations and tight musicianship is on full display, along with illuminating and hilarious footage of life on the road, in the studio, and at the motel. Shot over the course of several years, the package includes concert clips from multiple venues across the United States and features special guest appearances from members of Umphrey’s McGee, guitar visionary David “Fuze” Fiuczynski, and many others.



OM Trio to reunite for three San Francisco shows in Feb. 2008
(Updated 12.13.07)

3 years after playing its last show, the OM Trio returns for 3 special performances in its adopted hometown of San Francisco in February 2008. Brian Felix (keys), Pete Novembre (bass) and Ilya Stemkovsky (drums) will assemble for short-lived active duty to open two shows for their friends Umphrey's McGee at San Francisco's legendary Fillmore Auditorium on February 15th and 16th 2008 and headline a 2 set show at the Boom Boom Room on the 17th.
OM Trio shares a special kinship with Chicago's Umphrey's McGee, having shared the stage with them over 30 times, including swapping members for sit-ins with both bands, and collaborating on improvised avant garde masterworks such as "Sludge and Deth."
OM Trio played nearly 1000 shows in the 6 years it toured the United States and released several albums of original material, including 2003's acclaimed Globalpostioningrecord. The OM Trio garnered press from the Village Voice, JazzTimes Magazine and won the 2001 SF Guardian Reader's Poll for Best Local Jazz Group. The post-OM Trio lives of the 3 members have included higher education, various musical ventures, career opportunities and assimilation into the workforce.




Dear Friends and Fans of OM Trio,

After much consideration, the band has decided that these will be the final OM Trio shows for a long and indefinite period of time. This decision is based on financial circumstances that are largely out of our control. OM Trio has always taken pride in trying to do it on its own, independent of the usual forces that may cause a band to compromise its sound. Unfortunately, time seems to be running out for us. We would love to be able to play our music forever, but the financial logistics of being on the road are simply preventing this. For those of you who are concerned and wanting a more detailed explanation, please contact us personally. We would love to hear from you.

We wish to send our sincerest thanks to all the people who�ve supported us throughout the past five years. None of this would have been possible without your help promoting, talking to friends, coming to the shows, and making us feel welcome in your hometowns. We never take you for granted and we�re eternally grateful. You guys made our world go �round.  Special thanks go out to Lee Seelig and Brian Glick for their time.

With gratitude,

Brian, Pete, and Ilya
OM Trio



Hello OM Trio friends:

We�re pleased to announce 3 brand new live releases from our recent 2004 Fall Tour, now available for download from our comrades at For this tour, the band added a few exciting originals (Anew, Refusenik, Gleam, The Impasse, Dust Up) and a couple of choice, all white meat covers (Man in the Box, Spanish Castle Magic). We believe you�ll find each performance uniquely different from the next.

12 Galaxies, San Francisco, CA (9.25.04): A 2 CD set from our final Bay Area show. The �Man in the Box� opener set the vibe for the evening as it segued into an aggressive �Old Guard� and a rare, early-in-the-show appearance of �Double Negative,� with Brian Felix�s subtle textures in the slow, middle section perfectly complimenting Pete Novembre�s rock solid basswork. The �Gleam>Clydedogg>Man in the Box� closes out a huge set-long sandwich. Perhaps it was the excellent projections created by Avi and Liquid Visual Jams, the cozy �homecoming� feel of the gig, or the dozens of female dancers who seemed to come out of nowhere for the second set, but the rest of the show proved to be one of the best from the whole tour. Inspired versions of �Anew� and �Brekfist� find the band comfortably wearing many hats: part fusion-meisters, part metal warriors, but mostly throwing it down funky for the serious dance party that had erupted, aided in no small part by Ilya Stemkovsky�s kick drum pounding through everyone�s chest. OM Trio is not responsible for any damage done to anyone�s chest cavity.

Tribeca Rock Club, New York, NY (12.09.04): A 2 CD set from our final performance. New York City has always been a special place for us to play. It was always our real home, as the members all grew up in New Jersey, and it�s usually the gig where all the family and close friends come out. That it proved to be our final gig was, of course, bittersweet. But the show speaks for itself. It was emotional up on that stage and perhaps you�ll be able to hear that on tape. Of interesting note is that on December 9th, 1964, exactly 40 years to the day prior, the John Coltrane Quartet had assembled nearby in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey at Rudy Van Gelder�s studio to record some album called A Love Supreme. Not to offer that the music we created was on par with that inimitable album, but maybe, just maybe something was in the air at Tribeca Rock Club that night. Maybe it was the familiar faces -- some of our college buddies, some of the hard-core fans who had seen every NY gig, some of the heads who hadn�t seen us in years but came out to pay their respects�. maybe it was the sight of Brian�s dad, headbanging�. or maybe it was Ilya�s parents, Pete�s girlfriend � others who we kind of knew, yet others who we didn�t but felt internally all the same�. they were all there. Maybe it was the �Dust Up� opener which basically said �Hey, thanks for coming out, now get out of the way of this sledgehammer,� or maybe it was that �Refusenik� --- the emo ending as urgent as it had ever been. The textbook jazz-funk of �Hippo� which harkened back to the yesteryear sound of the band when we first began�. the old school setlist where �24 Hours� and �Phobophobe� and �Spin Slowly� were all dusted off (or is that dusted up??) and bludgeoned with new school fervor�.. the comedy of the �Spanish Castle Magic� retakes�.. the �Bulbous>Mesh>Bulbous� encore (what else could it have been?) where Ilya plays the bird-chirping ringtone of his cell phone into the snare mic�. Brian�s truly awesome and inventive colors, Pete�s sinewy and melodic basslines, always locked in like the hammer he is�..Ilya riding his crash cymbal in the end of �Anew� like he�s in Nirvana or Weezer, but really like he�s in OM Trio. This was truly the gig to �come strong� and we think we did. We�re proud of this one. (To make the show fit on two discs, the encore was moved to the end of Disc 1).

Assorted Unreleased Nuggets: Single CD, almost 80 minutes. This is the best of the rest. We taped a bunch of shows for the tour and this compilation is the cream of the crop from a few of them. Some from early in the tour, some from later. Save for the Chicago �Gleam� (which appeared towards the end of the show) all the chunks are the beginnings of the second sets. We also wanted to release some improvisations and what better opportunity than a Tuesday night in Montana to really stretch out and go for it? The Missoula segment is some of our favorite playing from the whole tour � Brian really shines and his soloing on �Sunstruck� is totally nasty. The Pacific Northwest always brought out the grunge flavor of the OM Trio and the Seattle segment showcases the band in all its flannel-wearing glory. Actually, Ilya is going absolutely crazy during the 6-jam in �Double Negative� � aggressive is an understatement. And listen to the ridiculously heavy shit Pete is laying down in �Business End,� and how he comes up with that cool progression out of it � sending us on our way to one of the more interesting improvs of the tour. �Gleam,� taken from our final Chicago appearance, is a fitting way to sum up this �nuggets� collection. OM Trio, always eager to go from rage-rock to piannississimo almost instantly, carefully navigates the changes of the number, walking on the eggshells before crushing them. A great collection of unreleased material to compliment any of the other full-length shows. 
Thanks to everyone who attended these shows � you all helped us create what�s on these tapes. And thanks to everyone downloading these shows who maybe wasn�t there. We hope these recording somehow make you feel like you were. 

With Love, 
Brian, Pete, and Ilya
OM Trio

12 Galaxies 
San Francisco, CA

Disc 1 (Set 1)
1. Man in the Box (10:16)
2. Announcement #1 (0:31)
3. Old Guard (10:24)
4. Double Negative (15:27)
5. Announcement #2 (0:47)
6. Gleam intro (1:00)
7. Gleam (7:35)
8. Clydedogg (16:03)
9. Man in the Box (3:44)

Disc 2 (Set 2)
1. Anew (12:53)
2. Brekfist (10:07)
3. San Francisco Improv #1 (2:48)
4. Brekfist (1:58)
5. Announcement #3 (0:52)
6. Refusenik (10:52)
7. Spanish Castle Magic (5:29)
8. Dust Up (10:48)
9. Announcement #4 (1:56)

11. Bulbous (8:26)
12. Mesh (4:38)
13. Bulbous (2:26)

Tribeca Rock Club 
New York, NY

Disc 1 (Set 1)
1. Dust Up (10:31)
2. Romeo (7:30)
3. New York City Improv #1 (4:57)
4. Refusenik (7:33)
5. Refusenik (continued) (3:09)
6. Announcement/intro (2:34)
7. Man in the Box (7:11)
8. Phobophobe (8:45)
9. Phobophobe (continued) (8:12)
10. Man in the Box (2:45)

Encore: (Set 2)
11. Bulbous (8:33)
12. Mesh (5:40)
13. Bulbous (2:30)

Disc 2 (Set 2)
1. Double Negative (17.38)
2. Double Negative (continued) (2:05)
3. Announcement (0:35)
4. Anew (13:46)
5. 24 Hours (7:47)
6. Hippo (9:14)
7. 24 Hours (6:59)
8. Spanish Castle Drum Solo Magic Take 1 (1:33)
9. SCDSM Take 2 (0:35)
10. SCDSM Take 3 (0:26)
11. Spanish Castle Magic (3:28)
12. Spin Slowly (7:16)
13. Spanish Castle Magic (2:01)

Assorted Unreleased Nuggets 
FALL 2004

1) Romeo> (7:21) 
2) Missoula Improv #1> (4:53) 
3) Sunstruck> (6:32) 
4) Missoula Improv #2> (4:34)
5) Sunstruck (3:27) 
from 9.21.04 (Set 2) The Other Side (Missoula, MT)

6) Double Negative> (15:53) 
7) Discrepancy> (4:35) 
8) Seattle Improv (3:13) 
from 10.01.04 (Set 2) The Rainbow (Seattle, WA)

9) Portland Improv #1> (2:26) 
10) Business End> (9:45) 
11) Portland Improv #2 (4:40) 
from 9.30.04 (Set 2) Goodfoot Lounge (Portland, OR)

12) Gleam> (10:35) 
13) Gleam (continued) (1:44) 
from 12.04.04 (Set 2) Martyr�s (Chicago, IL)